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Goryeo Film Association and New Film System 커버

2007 | 20,000won | 312page | soft cover

[ Korean Films Verbal Series 03 ]

Goryeo Film Association and New Film System


The Korean Film Archive has published a film database book illuminating the ‘Joseon-yeongwha (Korean films)’ during the Japanese colonial rule through the Korean film image materials collected by the Kawakita Memorial Film Institute. This book deals mainly with the ‘New Film System’ launched following the enforcement of the ‘Korean Film Act’ in 1940 as well as the Goryeo Film Association led by Lee Chang-yong, who produced and distributed the movies, ‘Tuition’ (Choi In-kyu, Bang Han-jun, 1940), ‘An Angel without a House’ (Choi In-kyu, 1941), Miles Away from Happiness’ (Jun Chang-keun, 1941), etc. as the leader of a new force in the Joseon (Korean) film world. Containing the first collection of materials including articles and propaganda from then Japanese newspapers or magazines and materials from Korean newspapers, magazines, etc. together with bibliographical explanations by three researchers into old movies, the book will serve as a valuable reference for those who study Korean film history as well as readers interested in the period of Japanese colonial rule of Korea. ?