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100 Korean Films: from Turning Point of the Youngsters to Pieta 커버

25,000won | 256 page | 189×257 | soft cover

[ 100 Korean Films: from Turning Point of the Youngsters to Pieta ]

100 Korean Films: from Turning Point of the Youngsters to Pieta


In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Korean Federation of Film Archives, reviews of 100 Korean movies selected by 62 movie scholars, movie critics and people involved in the movie industry were compiled together in one book. The meanings of the 100 Korean movies are re-illuminated by 52 prominent writers loved by the public with their in-depth knowledge, sensitivity and acute insight. 

In the present book, 101 movies that embroidered the long history of Korean movies from the Japanese Colony Era until 2012, and glorious moments of Korean movies shared by the movies are unfolded. The movies include “Turning Point of the Youngsters” (“Cheongchun-ui sibjalo”) (1934, Ahn Jong-hwa), a silent movie produced in 1934, as well as the oldest existing Korean movie, and “The Housemaid” (“Hanyeo”) (1960, Kim Ky-young), “Aimless Bullet” (“Obaltan”) (1961, Yu Hyun-mok), and “The March of Fools” (“Babodeul-ui haengjin”) (1975, Ha Gil-jong), which were selected as the joint first place, and “Pieta” (“Pi-e-ta”) (2012, Kim Ki-duk), which received much interest and love from domestic and international critics and the public. The present book, which unrolls Korea’s historical scars and memories encompassing numerous generations and periods in different ways, will become a must-read book for a 100-year journey through Korean movies, as well as a primer for reviewing modern Korea as seen through movies. 

    Kang Sung-ryul | Movie critic, professor at Kwangwoon University 
    Kang So-won | Movie Critic 
    Kwon Eun-sun | Professor at Joongbu University 
    Kim Kyung-wook | Movie critic, et. al. (48 persons) 
How 100 Korean Movies were Selected
Brief Korean Movie History seen through Selected Movies
Japanese Colonial Era
From Liberation to the 1950s 
[Lost Korean Movies]
In Search of Lost Pieces of Korean Movie and Movie History
100 Lost Korean Movies 
Index of Directors of 100 Korean Movies
Selection Committee for 100 Korean Movies