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  • Special Screenings

    Thanksgiving Special Movies

    2017.10.07.Sat ~ 10.15.Sun

    Dead Poets Society/Fight Club/Forrest Gump/Jerry Maguire /Once A Thief | 縱橫四海 /Platoon/The Double Life of Veronique | La double vie de Veronique/The Killer | 牒血雙雄/The Usual Suspects/Thelma & Louise total 10

  • Special Screenings for Cultural Wednesday

    Culture Day, A Film and A Guest GV

    2017.09.27.Wed ~ 10.01.Sun

    My Life As a Courgette | Ma vie de courgette/On The White Planet/PADAK/Short Animations part 1./Short Animations part 2./The Red Turtle | La tortue rouge/The Triplets of Belleville | Les Triplettes De Bellevilletotal 7

  • Independent Film Screenings

    Indie Film Showcase GV


    Jamsiltotal 1