• The Korean Film Museum, the first of its kind in Seoul, is a space where visitors can rediscover the value of Korean
    cinema and learn more about Korean films. It consists of a permanent exhibition where visitors can experience Korean
    film history at a glance as well as special rotating exhibitions with themes changing two or three times each year.

  • Hours of Operation

    Open from Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 AM ~ 07:00 PM

    ※ Visitors must enter the museum 30 minute before each session ends.
    ※ Closed on each Sunday, Monday, New Year’s Day, KOFA Foundation Day (January 18), Labor Day (May 1), as well as Lunar New Year
        holidays(Seollal) and Chuseok holidays.

  • Ticket Booking

    Please be advised to make advance reservations when using the museum.

    ※ Advance reservations can be completed online, and a limited number of on-site tickets may be available.

    Reserve tickets online or in person at the Box Office graph
    Ticket Booking

    You may make reservation on the
    same day or up to two days in

    • Booking opens each day at noon.
    Ticket Booking

    You may book a ticket only on the
    same day.

    • Booking starts after each session starts.
    • Booking closes 30 minutes prior to the end of
      each session.

    ※ If you want to hear an explanation about the exhibition, please use our audio docent app. By installing an app available at the
        museum's information desk, you can use the audio guide in either Korean or English.

  • General Rules

    If you do not honor these requests, or disturb other viewers, we may ask you to leave. or your access to the museum may be denied.

    - If you touch display items for exhibition.
    - If you conduct an exhibit explanation to a group of people without permission.
    - If you are deemed to be unsuitable for maintaining good orders, or public safety.

  • Admission Fee

    Enjoy all exhibitions for free.

    Special and permanent exhibitions are all free of charge

  • Parking

    Enjoy three hours of free parking.

    The box office provides a ticket to validate three hours of parking at visitors’ requests on their arrival to the library.
    Beyond that time, 500 won will be charged for each portion of 10 minutes, for a maximum of 15,000 won per day.

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