The films and non-film materials that are collected by The Korean Film archive .

The Korean Film Archive collects all image data including national and international films and non-film materials (videos, audio, posters, stills, scenarios, books, periodicals, costumes, props, and cherished goods of film professionals). Films to collect include drama films and non-drama films such as newsreels and documentaries with various film sizes and digital file type.

Collection is made through various routes, as below:

  • Submission: Presentation of specimen copies according to the Promotion of Motion Pictures and Video Products Act
  • Donation: Presentation of data including movies for free (donation contract)
  • Purchase: Obtainment of ownership of data through sales contracts
  • Copy: Copies are produced when donation or consignment are difficult

The collected data are catalogued so as to be easy to search and moved to a preservation warehouse by media that has the optimal conditions. If you have image data for the next generation or have information on their location, please contact the below number.