The Korea Film Archive building in Sangam

  • 2018. 4. 11.Gained a full membership of SEAPAVAA
  • 2016. 5. 19.Opend Paju Preservation Center
  • 2012. 2. 16.Registration of 1 Movies(Film) by KOFA as Modern Cultural Properties
  • 2008. 5. 9.Officially Opened the Cinematheque KOFA and the Korean Film Museum
  • 2007. 11. 21.Began the VOD service of Korean Classic Films
  • 2007.9.17.Registration of 7 Movies (Film) by KOFA as Modern Cultural Properties
  • 2005.7.18.Opened Gangwon Culture Center for the Film and Media
  • 2005.7.4.Reorganization from 1 department 3 units 9 teams to 1 department 5 teams 1 center
  • 2004.12.Held an opening ceremony of the Integrated Film Archive Center within Sangam DMC
  • 2003.12.Opened the KOFA Bucheon Center
  • 2003.11.Carried out reorganization from 1 department 4 sections to 1 department 3 units 9 teams
  • 2003.6.Introduced a public advertisement system for the head post
  • 2002.10.Expanded the office from 1 department 2 sections to 1 department 4 sections
  • 2002.6.Dissolved the original non-profit KOFA and founded the KOFA based on Clause 3,
    Article 24 of Film Promotion Act
  • 2002.4.Hosted the 58th FIAF Executive Committee Meeting in Seoul
  • 1998.12.Began the Korean Movie Database service (KMDb) on the Internet
  • 1996.7.Began implementation of deposit regulations on domestic films
  • 1994.1.Began to receive government funding for preservation enterprise of moving image materials
  • 1991.9.Changed its name into "the Korean Film Archive" as a non-profit organization
  • 1990.9.Moved to Seoul Arts Center in Seocho (700 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu)
  • 1985.4.Gained a full membership of FIAF
  • 1976.5.Joined the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) as an observer
  • 1974.1.18.Founded the Korean Film Depository as a non-profit organization