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Progrtamme Details
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  • Seasonal Screenings

    Discovery, Restoration & Early Cinema GV E

    2018.05.02.Wed ~ 05.31.Thu

    A Day Off (Hyuil)/A Short Love Affair /A Woman Judge/Art museum by the zoo/Ashes And Diamonds/Black Hair/Blow-Up/Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia/Cloud of Romance/Early Rain/Election/Fail Safe/Gilsotteum /J'accuse! /Memories of Murder /NO.3/Night Journey /No Country for Old Men/Rio Grande/Save the Green Planet (Jigu-reul Jikyeora)/Sopyonje(Seopyeonje)/Suddenly in Dark Night/Surise+Parangsae/Survive for Me /Sweet Dream (Lullaby of Death) (Mimong)/The Asphalt Jungle/The Crime of Monsieur Lange/The Doll/The Flower in Hell /The Freshman/The Last Woman of Shang /The Last Woman of Shang /The Night Before Strike/The Oldest Son /The Quiet Family/The Road to Sampo /The Serpent's Egg/Tokyo Twilight/Tyrant/Tyrant /Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?/Wings of Desire/total 43

  • Special Screenings

    Green Theater E

    2018.04.26.Thu ~ 04.29.Sun

    Attila Marcel/Dare To Be Wild/Farming Boys/Little Forest/Little Forest: Four Seasons/The Garden of Wordstotal 6

  • Co-organized Film Events

    Co-organized Film Events Again! AISFF Special Screening

    2018.04.24.Tue ~ 04.25.Wed

    Program 2 (4 Films)/Program 3 (6 Films)/Program I (4 Films)total 3