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Progrtamme Details
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  • Co-organized Film Events

    Conquer the Cinema! L P

    2017.10.25.Wed ~ 10.31.Tue

    Bronenosec Potemkin /Die Weber/Hitlerjunge Quex/Mutter Krausens Fahrt Ins Glück/Nerven/Oktyabr/Zeitprobleme. Wie Der Arbeiter Wohnt + Kuhle Wampe Oder Wem Gehört Die Welt?total 7

  • Special Screenings for Cultural Wednesday

    Culture Day, A Film and A Guest L

    2017.10.17.Tue ~ 10.24.Tue

    A Beauty/Death song/Jungle Story/Longing in Every Heart/Love Becomes Bitterness/One Fine Spring Day/Popular Songs in the Past 50 Years/Waikiki Brotherstotal 8