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Progrtamme Details
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  • Special Screenings

    KEEPING THE VISION ALIVE: Special Screening for Exhibition of Korean Film Museum GV


    Keeping the Vison Alive: Women in Korean Filmmakingtotal 1

  • Special Screenings

    Packed Movie Theater Story: Screening History of 50s to 90s Myeongbo Theater

    2018.10.17.Wed ~ 10.31.Wed

    Amadeus/Apocalypse Now Redux/Body Heat/Gandhi/High Society/Once Upon a Time in America/Out of Africa/Papillon/Paris, Texas/The Poseidon Adventure/The Silence of the Lambstotal 11

  • Co-organized Film Events

    The 4th Latin American Film Festival

    2018.10.16.Tue ~ 10.21.Sun

    Alba/At? Que A Sorte Nos Separe/Cinco Historias del Canal y un Siglo de Vida/Dios Local/El último traje/Gloria/La Primera Dama de la Revolución/Las Herederas/Mañana No Te Olvides/Sigo Siendo/Vuelven/When the Guns Go Silenttotal 12