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  • Independent Film Screenings

    Indie Docu

    2020.10.30.Fri ~ 11.06.Fri

    City of Gigas (Geo-dae Saeng-myeong-che-deul-ui Do-si)/Cyclical Night/Golden Light (Goldeun Raiteu)/Hurrahh! (hwanhoseong)/Me And Doll-Playing/The Completed Body (Wanseongdeon mom)/The Real (Cho-hyeon-sil)/Womb-Closed Boundary-Smashed 1 (Pyegyeong pyegyeong 1)total 8

  • Special Screenings

    [Online] Thank you & I love you!

    2020.10.30.Fri ~ 11.05.Thu

    All about My Dog/Cats don't come when you call/Dancing Cat/I am a cat ( Naneun goyangirosoida )/Kedi/Quill/The Island of Catstotal 7

  • Special Screenings

    [Online] Democracy at Work

    2020.10.19.Mon ~ 10.30.Fri

    Campaign Manager/Election Day/Primary/Represent/Street Fight/The Return of the War Room/The War Room/Weinertotal 8