Research on Korean movie history and publications

Research on movie history and publications by the Korean Film Archive was started in earnest in 2004 for the two purposes of construction of a foundation for research on Korean movie history and popularization of Korean movie history. Since then, the Korean Film Archive has supported research on Korean movie history more actively and has disclosed the outcomes of the research. In addition, it established the Korean Film Institute for the popularization of Korean movies. The Korean Film Archive is enhancing existing research projects and expanding new projects through the research institute.

The Korean Film Institute makes efforts to construct a foundation for Korean movie history researchers by organizing and processing historical records on Korean movies such as the oral histories of senior Korean film professionals and series of Korean movie data and produces and distributes classic Korean movies on Blu-ray, and DVDs, or research books in order for ordinary people to become familiar with Korean movie history knowledge and information. These are well-received by people. In addition, the Institute produces DVD box sets and interpretation books on specific themes and distributes them abroad to promote overseas research on Korean movie history and provides quality data to overseas Korean movie fans. And it performs various academic activities such as symposiums and forums.