• The de-oxidation process
  • Poster preservation work.

The Korean Film Archive preserves non-film materials, which are an important heritage of image culture. Non-film materials refer to videos, audio, posters, leaflets, stills, scenarios, periodicals, deliberation documents, museum data, etc. and they are preserved by media in the preservation warehouse, which has constant temperature and humidity facilities. The reasons for the deterioration of data are determined and the deterioration rate is assessed, and washing, sterilization, de-oxidation and rearrangement work is performed according to the characteristics of data. And through this, the optimal preservation status is maintained.

In the case of video and audio data, regular cleaning, inspection and rewinding are performed and copying and media transfer work are performed by priority of use and preservation. Poster data is preserved with acid-free paper along with acid-free interleaving tissue paper inserted to prevent surface damage and minimize data intervention caused by overlap. The oldest existing poster is for A Ferry Boat that Has No Owner (1932) and it was restored in a preservation process that took about four months.

Still data is also preserved with preservation paper and sealed in neutral cardboard storage boxes. And both posters and still data are digitalized in parallel with preservation. The preservation life of literature materials is extended by performing a de-oxidation process along with sterilization and disinfection for data which are rapidly being damaged. Museum data such as movie props and costumes are preserved in boxes for them only or in dehumidification boxes after going through cleaning, packing and housing.


Non-Film & VideoApril , 2024

비필름 및 비디오 표
Item Quantity
Video Tapes DV / 8mm / DVCAM / HDV 2,906
1inch / VHS / Betamax / U-matic 39,862
Betacam / Betacam SP / D2 / D3 / D5 / Digi-Betacam 10,163
Video Disks LD 3,966
VCD / DVD / Blue-ray 62,104
Sound LP 25,136
TAPE 30,313
CD 79,277
Images Poster / Flyer 54,707
Still / Still Film 904,039
Documents Script / Continuity 42,524
Graduation Thesis / Peroodical 30,483
Book 20,234
Press Release 11,352
ETC... Cinematic Equipment / Properties 1,253
Etc... 663