Cinematheque KOFA

Past Programme

Robert Altman X Paul Thomas Anderson

Date : 2017.02.23.Thu ~ 03.04.Sat | Venue : Cinematheque 1

Robert Altman is usually remembered as part of the “New Hollywood” wave of the 1970s. Also, he would go on to become arguably a more innovative filmmaker than any of his contemporaries with his drifting camera and decentered shot composition, his experiments with cinematography and sound recording, his use of overlapping dialogue and ensemble casts, and his disregard for conventional narrative structure.
Paul Thomas Anderson made his debut with his first feature film, Hard Eight in 1996 and showed his potential as the next generation to lead American cinema. In 2000, he was the winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival with Magnolia. Over the last two decades, he has emerged as one of the America's great filmmakers.
Both of them are excellent filmmakers who have made quite a few acclaimed and iconic films. It is obvious that they both have a bit in common since Robert Altman's films have had a strong influence on the films of Paul Thomas Anderson.
This retrospective includes eight theatrical features by Robert Altman and six features by Paul Thomas Anderson. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of the great American cineastes.