Cinematheque KOFA

Past Programme

Cities on Film: Tokyo

Date : 2019.07.02.Tue ~ 07.21.Sun | Venue : Cinematheque 1

The Cinematheque KOFA presents its fifth annual Film Series of filming locations called ‘Cities on Film’ between 2nd and 21th of July, 2019.

Films about cities are both part of modern urban experience and a mode of our reflecting on that experience. Over the last century both cinema and cities have been in flux and we have learned from films that explore cities. Also, focusing on filming locations helps us to view films from a new perspective.

This year’s edition presents 24 titles filmed in Tokyo. Tokyo is looked upon in awe by the rest of the world as the archetypal modern metropolis. At the same time, to outsiders, it often appears alienating, perplexing and impenetrable. Its unique combination of exotic ‘otherness’ and technological progressiveness makes itself more attractive.

Here are the diverse titles about Tokyo through the masters’ eyes including Akira Kurosawa, Yasujiro Ozu, Mikio Naruse, Wim Wenders and Hou Hsiao hsien. Enjoy your summer with the Cities on Film!