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Asia Film Digitization Project Call for Applicants 2017.03.30 958

The Korean Film Archive (KOFA) is a member of FIAF and an affiliate of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in South Korea. It has been a decade since we began digitizing our film collection, and just last year, we were able to establish a new preservation center with the latest 4K digitization equipment along with a highly capable staff. We are now reaching out to our fellow film archives of Asia to introduce our Asia Film Digitization Project.

Starting this year, we would like to provide an opportunity for one of the film archives to have two titles from its collection that are of significant historical and cultural importance digitized through our facilities, with the shipping and digitization expenses to be paid for by KOFA. Along with the digitization, we would like to invite two members of the selected archive to visit our premises to participate in a jointly-conceived workshop and a tour of our preservation center, which will also be funded by KOFA.

Our hope is that this will not only help facilitate the digital preservation of these titles but also allow audiences from their native country, South Korea, and beyond to (re)discover these important works. Most importantly, we hope that it will provide a platform through which we can exchange knowledge and ideas with one of our fellow film archives of Asia.

Program Schedule (subject to change)

May 20th            Application Deadline         

June 26th           Final Decision                  

July 20th             Signing of Written Agreements and Shipping of Film Materials

Aug-Sept            Invitation of Members of the Selected Archive for Workshop and Tour

Digitization is scheduled to be finished by early Spring of 2018. At least one of the titles will be finished within this year.

Terms and Conditions

- KOFA will pay for all expenses for the digitization (including shipping of the film materials and invitation of two members of the selected archive to KOFA, excluding copyright fees and negotiation fees with the copyright holder).
- KOFA will not be responsible for damage of the film materials while in transit.
- Please take into account that the digitization of the film does not include repairs or restoration.
- Copyright issues must be cleared before KOFA begins the digitization.
- A copy of the digitization result will be preserved at KOFA and be used within its premises for non-profit purposes.
- The selected archive and KOFA will sign an agreement with more specific terms regarding the project (handling of the film materials, responsibilities and rights of the digitization result, etc) before KOFA begins the digitization.

The deadline for applications is May 20th, 2017.

Please send the application form, additional information, and any further questions to yjcheong@koreafilm.or.kr. KOFA will review all the applications and inform you if yours is accepted within 6 weeks through our website and email.