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Master Collection

Shin Sang-ok Melodramas from the 1950s

Director: Shin Sang-ok

Year : 2013

Shin Sang-ok's Melodramas from the 1950s

A College Woman's Confession (1958)
Dongsimcho (1959)
A Sister's Garden (1959)

Three melodramas by Director Shin Sang-ok, “A College Woman's Confession” (1958), “Dongsimcho” (1958) and <“A Sister's Garden” (1959 are featured in this collection. “A College Woman's Confession” (1958) is based on the French film “Abus de Confiance” (1937), and it was the start of pursuing Western-style melodrama films. “Dongsimcho” (1958) features the story of a war widow, Lady Yi (acted by Choi Eun-hee), who pursues the idea of “morals” perceived by others rather than her own desire, “love.” This presentation of a heroine became the typical heroine characteristic in Shin’s films, and it can be regarded as the film that defined it. “A Sister’s Garden” features the story of eldest daughter Jeong-hee (acted by Choi Eun-hee) with her love for a young medical student blooming over a middle-aged business man in a moderate fashion. This has earned the description of being the melodrama that overcame the “new school.”

“Shin Sang-Ok's Melodramas from the 1950s” is one of the “Genre Collection” series that features classic Korean films bundled by genre and theme, such as the “Romantic Comedy Collection of the 1950s” of 2010, “Landscape After the War” of 2011, and “Historical Films about the Korean Empire” of 2012. A 44-page booklet features a film description, “Moral of the refined popular fiction, aesthetics of an elegant suture - Shin Sang-Ok's Melodramas From The 1950s,” by critic Park Yu-hee in both English and Korean, and the main article features an image gallery of censorship materials of “Dongshimcho” and “A Sister’s Garden,” and a subtitle restoration footage (4 min.) of “A Sister’s Garden.”