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A Hometown in Heart

4:3 Fullscreen | color | Dolbi Digital Mono


A Hometown in Heart

A Hometown in Heart

Year : 2011

A work cinematized from the play 『A Little Monk』written by Ham Se-deok. Not only is the dramatization of the narration excellent; the stable screen composition and actors’/actresses’ beautiful performances are incomparable. Because the original negative film in good condition was found from Japanese Film Archives NFC, the shy meeting of dignified Choi Eun-hee and little monk Yu Min can be viewed in good picture quality! 

* Booklet (Korean and English):
- The little monk's song of loning for mother (Kim Jong-won) 
- About obtaining the film print of A Hometown in Heart (Jang Gwang-heon) 
- Collection of related articles 

Director: Yun Yong-gyu
Year: 1949
Running time: 76min
Starring: Byun Ki-jong, Yu Min, Yeo Heon-yong, Choi Eun-hee

4:3 Fullscreen | color | Dolbi Digital Mono
Subtitles: Korean, English, Japanese
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