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Madame Freedom (1956)

4:3 Full Screen | B/W | Dolbi Digital Mono | 124min


Classical Cinema Collection

Madame Freedom (1956)

Director: Han Hyung-mo

Year : 2005

, the fourth film in the Korean Film Archive’s classical collection, is a film directed by Han Hyeong-mo, who led the popular films of Korea in the 1950s. This film is the most representative film of the ‘50s as well as the greatest box office hit, and brought about the fiercest debate in Korean film history, dealing with the affair of a professor’s wife. 

The DVD of includes an introduction of the piece that explores the era when the film was made and the film’s significance in Korean film history, as well as a foreword written by director Han Hyeong-mo. More notably, actor Lee Min, who played the part of Shin Choon-ho, the college student who has an affair with Madame Oh, the wife of a professor, recounts the social and cultural setting of the ‘50s in the 40 minute documentary portion that is added as a special feature to the DVD. 

Director: Han Hyung-mo
Year: 1954
Running time: 124min
Starring: Park Am,Kim Jeong-Rim,Yang Mi-Hee,Lee Min,Kim Dong-Won

4:3 Full Screen | B/W | Dolbi Digital Mono | 124min
: Korean, English
Special Feature:
- Actor Lee Min on
- Kim Jong-won on
- Interview by Art Director Noh In-taek
- Still gallery / Poster / Cast & Crew