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A Bonanza

Classical Movie Collection

A Bonanza

Director: Chung Chang-wha

Year : 2015

Chung Chang-wha, a prolific filmmaker in the sixties and seventies, is celebrated as a pioneer of Korean action cinema and genre movies. “A Bonanza” is one of the director's early Korean crime action films. With Chung’s delicate touch, the movie exquisitely depicts distorted capitalist ambition. The highlight of this movie is without doubt the battle scene in the latter half. The gunfight by Kim Seung-ho and Hwang Hae to save Um Aing-ran, who was held hostage by a group of gangsters, is one of the finest scenes of our day. The movie also has some comic scenes with various sorts of swindlers (Kim Hee-kap, Koo Bong-seo, Yang Hun, etc.) approaching Kim Seung-ho for his fortune. “A Bonanza,” which combines various genres including melodrama, action, gangster, film noir and comedy, vividly displays Chung’s sense of identity.
This edition includes a documentary on Chung Chang-wha’s work pieces and also has supplements, including image galleries. It also includes a 36-page booklet on the theory of the movies and director by Park Seon-yong from the Korea University Research Center in English and Korean, which helps to further understand Chung and his movies.

Subtitles : Korean, English, Japanese
Video: 4:3 full screen, b/w
Audio: Korean DTS-HD MA Mono

Special Features
  - Documentary:  “Director Chung Chang-wha, the Godfather of Korean Action Movies” (50 minutes)
 - Image Gallery

Booklet (Korean/English): “Director Chung Chang-wha, the Pioneer of Korean Genre Movies” (Park Seon-yeong)