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When the Guns Go Silent

Director : Natalia Orozco
2017 115min HD
After half a century of armed conflict and three failed peace processes, the oldest guerrilla in the world, the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC), begins a dialogue with the Colombian government, promising to silence their weapons and undertake the transition into the political spheres.

In this final stretch, which took more than 6 years, some of the 8000 men, women and children who brandished weapons in order to survive in the jungle, face with uncertainty the end of a battle.

Through the director’s independent, incisive and critical look, this is the intimate close-up of some of the FARC's political and military strategists, as well as the spokespeople of the government’s delegation. The constant confrontation to each of the parties about their speeches, their promises, their successes and failures, allow us to understand the challenge of building trust with our enemies, to establish a common language and convince a country and the world’s public opinion, that these historical enemies are ready to battle together, from the same standpoint, the most difficult battle, the final one: The battle for reconciliation and peace. This is the intimate account of a story that changed history.
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