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Cinco Historias del Canal y un Siglo de Vida

Director : Abner Benaim, Carolina Borreo, Luis Franc ...
2015 106min HD
1913: A love story that takes place during the construction of the canal allows us to know the sacrifice of many immigrants who arrived in Panama trying to look for a better future for themselves and their families.
1950: through the eyes of an American child we will discover the particular universe of the Canal zone and understand the nostalgia that filled the hearts of these people intended to Panama during those decades.
1964: inside of tension and armed clashes in January 1964, the lives of two young people from different sides of the conflict are interwoven and will never be the same.
1977: The life of a Panamanian driver is tangled to the rhythm of the historical events of the time.
2013: During excavation for the expansion of the Canal, an emotional and curious discovery makes us to travel into the past.
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