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Director : Yoon Jong-chan
2001 108min 35mm
Faded concrete wall with discolored paint, dilapidated and filthy windows, a dark dreary corridor-- that is eerie even in daylight. Yong-hyun, a and taxi driver, moves into Migum Apartment #504 where Kwang-tae, a writer, died recently in a fire. Yong-hyun tries to dismiss his eerie feeling about the place, and one day he encounters his neighbors who live in fear and despair... One early morning on his way back home, Yong-hyun drops by a nearby convenience store where he runs into a sad-looking clerk, Sun-young. They feel affection each other and begin to fall in love. Meanwhile, a writer who stole Kwang-tae's notebook writes a mystery novel about the tragic murder case that occurred thirty years ago in Migum Apartment.These characters are drawn together by a mysterious force of empathy. With strange phenomena, the fateful secret entangling the tragic murder case thirty years ago is unravelled one by one.
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