Special Exhibition

2018 Special Exhibition I

Wardrobe, on ScreenKorean Film Museum Collection: Wardrobe, on Screen

  • period|2018.05.25.(Fri) ~ 2018.09.15.(Sat)
  • Location|Korean Film Museum Special Exhibition

Every morning when we wake up, we dress up in certain clothes, put on certain shoes, and hold a certain bag to direct a certain version of ourselves. Movie wardrobes and props transform a person into a certain character, and provide completion to the era and space of the film. Eom Chul-Woo (Woo-Sung Jung) from Steel Rain (2017) transforms into a cool-headed North Korean special agent through his sharp military uniform, and Mi So (E Som) from Microhabitat (2017) leaves the house during winter armed with a luggage bag and dressed in multiple layers of clothing under a loose overcoat to become a lovely traveling modern day little princess. In this way, movie wardrobes and props are effective forms of expression that help audiences understand the characters and the films they appear in.

However, despite their important value to film history, movie wardrobes and props could not be acquired and preserved for a long time because they were mostly disposed of or resold. Starting in 2014, the Korean Film Archive embarked on a Korean film legacy acquisition campaign called ‘Museum by the Movie Theater’ to collect and systematically preserve movie wardrobes and props. This special exhibition exhibits wardrobes and props that have been donated or loaned through the ‘Museum by the Movie Theater’ campaign, and will be a unique opportunity for visitors to have an interesting cinematic experience that will nicely complement the art of watching movies.

Movie Costume

소셜포비아 류준열 의상
< Socialphobia > (2014)

Director Seok-jae Hong
Costume Design So-ra Kim
Donation KAFA Films
Costume of BJ Yang-gae (Jun-yeol Ryu)

오빠생각 임시완 의상
< A Melody to Remember > (2015)

Director Han Lee
Costume Design Yu-jin Kwon
Donation Next Entertainment
Costume of the Second Lieutenant Sang-yeok Han (Si-wan Im)

군함도 의상
< The Battleship Island > (2017)

Director Seung-wan Ryoo
Costume Design Sang-gyeong Jo
Donation Sang-gyeong Jo
Costume of Gang-ok (Jung-min Hwang) & Chil-sung (Ji-seob So)

박열 의상
< Anarchist from Colony > (2016)

Director Joon-ik Lee
Costume Design Hyeon-Seob Sim
Donation Hyeon-Seob Sim
Costume of Yeol Park (Je-hoon Lee) & Fumiko Kaneko (Hee-seo Choi)

지금은맞고그때는틀리다 의상
< Right Now, Wrong Then > (2015)

Director Sang-soo Hong
Donation Jeonwonsa Film
Costume of Hee-jeong (Min-hee Kim)

소공녀 의상
< Microhabitat > (2017)

Director Go-woon Jeon
Costume Design Ji-yeon Ji
Rental Gwanghwamoon Cinema
Costume of Mi-so (Esom)

강철비 의상
< Steel Rain > (2017)

Director Woo-seok Yang
Costume Design Sang-gyeong Jo
Donation Whyworks Entertainment
Costume of Chul-woo Eom (Woo-sung Jung) & Chul-woo Kwak (Do-won Kwak)

리틀포레스트 의상
< Little Forest > (2018)

Director Soon-rye Yim
Costume Design Hee-ran Cho
Rental Soon-rye Yim
Costume of Hye-won(Tae-ri Kim) & Jae-ha (Jun-yeol Ryu)

버닝 의상
< Burning > (2018)

Director Chang-dong Lee
Costume Design Choong-yeon Lee
Donation Pine House Film
Costume of Jong-su (Ah-in Yoo) & Ben (Steven Yeun)