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Miss Yeom's Pure Heart Days

Director : Kim Seon-gyeong
1975 100min D-Cinema(4K)
Challenging the master-slave relation between Adam and Eve, creatures of God, Yeom Cheon-Suk sets up a matrimonial agency and displays her power. Ban Ho-Keol, who is a man of ability but doesn't work at a company for a long time because of his hot temper, is in the president Mr.Yeom's favor and employed specially in the office of secretary in Dong-Yang Co., Ltd. But, troubles with executives make him hand in his resignation. Ho-Keol leaves recital tickets to Yeom Cheon-Suk and steals her lips. Angry Cheon-Suk is at a loss. Actually, she is the daughter of Mr. Yeom. Cheon-Suk falls in love with him. But when Ho-Keol shows up at the recital, he has the ambition to climb the Mt. Everest to go up higher.
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